Experience propels Clark International Guard Force to the forefront of security guard services from private and residential to events of more than 35,000.

Clark International Guard Force partners with our clients to protect their most valuable assets, businesses, facilities, homes and families from external and internal threats. Value and cost effectiveness are an integral facet of a full range of security services, all of which are provided by vigilant, courteous professionals.

Clark International offers a comprehensive guard system ranging from plain-clothed officers to fully uniformed officers. Teams comprised of sworn law enforcement, military, highly trained security guards and efficient management ensure complete security. Emphasis on selection, screening and supervision of personnel – in conjunction with ongoing education and proven effective training – affords Clark International Guard Force an unsurpassed standard. Because security guards are often the first responders in situations, knowing the guard force officer is capable of appropriate response from the first point of contact to critical situations is crucial. CI Guard Force officers are trained by the same entities responsible for training law enforcement, military and government agencies.

Clark International recognizes the increased advantages when physical and electronic security are integrated. We are able to achieve the utmost in protective elements by interfacing CI Guard Force with access control system, closed circuit television, fencing and physical barriers.

Expertise, experience, professionalism and discretion are synonymous with Clark International Guard Force Services.

Corporate Security

Guard Force options for corporate security include uniformed officers to provide a visible deterrent, courtesy safety officers, or plainclothes officers when discretion is needed. Post orders are developed for your particular needs. Risk mitigation reports and a template for liability management that includes professional investigation of events such as slip and fall incidents can help reduce your exposure to civil liability. We can provide personal safety training ranging from crime prevention, situational awareness, self-defense, and workplace violence awareness/mitigation.

Residential Security

Choose from a variety of residential services: regularly scheduled patrols, one-time events or vacation checks. Comprehensive security site assessments that include coordinating upgrades through trusted vendors are part of the service package Clark International offers, ensuring cost-effective, state-of-the-art monitoring of residential properties.


Neighborhood patrols, special events, or teams can respond when extra patrols are needed on a long- or short-term basis. Focused investigations, innovative problem solving, and state-of-the art technology bring the peace and order your neighborhood needs to restore a safe environment.

High Profile and Large Event Security

High profile and large events include trade shows, conventions, meetings of “Tier I” personnel, and any major event where a well-trained team of experienced operatives is needed. Clark International is your single source for a coordinated team that includes executive protection, loss prevention, crisis managers, media spokespersons, plainclothes officers, uniformed security or armed law enforcement officers. Operatives with training in homeland security, bomb detection, and hostage rescue are available.

Electronic Surveillance and Counter Measures

Trained technicians create systems ranging from discreet to highly visible camera systems, from a closed circuit to an Internet-based network. Covert systems can be designed to address your specific needs regarding loss prevention, employee security, or perimeter containment. Imagine the peace of mind when you have a camera system that can send a photo of an intruder to your phone, or send a text alert the moment the perimeter of business or home is breached. Systems that both capture a photo and broadcast a recorded warning to intruders will reduce vandalism, graffiti and property loss.