The Clark International Home Defense Course is designed to take the homeowner through a series drills, exercises, tactics and techniques that will better prepare them for a potential intruder into their home. The following topics will be covered:

  • Mindset/Indications of Mental State
  • Legal Issues & Civilian Use of Force
  • Equipment, Weapons, Less Lethal
  • Home Security & Weapons Safety / Material Shooting video (15 min)
  • House Movement
  • Weapon security and placement in the home
  • Safe room fortification
  • Away From Home Security
  • Basic Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Familiarization and Fundamentals
  • Weapons Safety Brief
  • Range Safety Brief
  • Ready Positions
  • Recoil Management Drills
  • Tactical Use of Cover
  • Emergency Reload Drills
  • Malfunction Drills
  • Flashlight Techniques
  • Target recognition
  • Individual House Movement Techniques
  • Force on Force Scenarios at residence or other structure

The first portion of the class will be lecture concepts and theories. The second portion will cover firearms safety, manipulation, and utilization. The last portion will cover basic room clearing fighting form a fixed position and evacuation of the structure.

Students will then be ran through a series of scenarios utilizing the tactics and techniques learned in the course. Students will use full safety equipment and Simunition training pistols for the scenarios.

*This course can be customized to a student’s personal residence for realism and practical purposes