Executive Protection


Safety and security are global concerns, which is why the principles of preparedness, service and quality know no borders at Clark International.

In an uncertain world, vulnerability becomes a paramount concern for those without trained professionals dedicated to their personal safety and uninterrupted operation. Clark International Executive Protection Services is dedicated to providing peace of mind to our clientele. We do what we do best, so that our distinguished clients are free to do what they do best.

We understand the delicate balance between risk analysis, threat vulnerability and physical security; and the transition between prominent, hardened security measures and those that are virtually undetectable.

High profile individuals and corporations require highly trained operatives. Clark International recognizes that public perception of an individual or corporation may dictate the level of vulnerability. Therefore, it is not always the rich and famous or Fortune 500 companies that require some form of protection.

Expertise, experience, professionalism and discretion are synonymous with Clark International Executive Protection Services.


Executive and Personal Protection

Commonly referred to as bodyguards, these protection agents draw from decades of experience in corporate, law enforcement, federal and military agencies. Understanding that protecting an individual requires more than surrounding them with well-trained agents, our operatives rely on advance work and threat assessment to identify potential risks — preventing an incident before it occurs. They have provided highly visible protection details for the wealthiest, most powerful individuals and corporations in the world, in addition to those who simply have increased vulnerability in their communities. These highly trained operatives are also capable of providing discrete, practically undetectable protection for corporations, individuals and families who desire peace of mind.

Whether in a corporate setting, residential setting, or traveling domestically and abroad, protection agents allow our clients to tend to their business uninhibited by safety details and distractions.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Ensuring daily operations go uninterrupted, and Tier 1 executives are free to perform their duties. As Critical Infrastructure Protection practitioners, we determine vulnerabilities and analyze alternatives in order to prepare for incidents. We focus on improving the capability to detect and warn of impending attacks on, and system failures within, the critical elements of the infrastructure. Business continuity plans are vital to the ongoing success of the corporation.

Elements such as kidnap and ransom, threats, and extortion must be considered not only for top level executives, but for their families and staff as well.

Corporate Site Security Assessments

Conducted by professionals responsible for security assessments at sites including NASA, a corporate site security assessment pinpoints vulnerabilities and mitigates liabilities. A comprehensive report then provides recommendations regarding structure and personnel. No detail is left unaddressed, from electronic security measures, security personnel, emergency response plans, points of ingress and egress, parking, lighting, access control, etc.

Residential Site Security Assessments

A residential site security assessment addresses security vulnerabilities and weaknesses for executive residences. In addition to evaluating many of the same security aspects as a corporate site security assessment, this assessment looks at daily routines, family emergency response plans, safe rooms, and personal safety/protection training for family members, which affords everyone in the family a sense of peace regarding their safety at home.

Risk Analysis / Threat Vulnerability Assessment

Threat, risk and vulnerability assessments are an objective evaluation that considers both potential loss and probability of occurrence. Administrative, logical and physical safeguards are then recommended.

Threat Management

Threat management is a multi-disciplinary approach to recognizing and managing threats. Clark International employs effective techniques to reduce the potential for targeted violence.

Electronic Surveillance & Counter Measures

We perform electronic countermeasure sweeps to detect any audio and video devices (telephone/fax/computer taps) and to determine the client’s vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping devices (bugs and wiretaps). Additionally, we can monitor for these devices during high-level meetings (i.e., Board of Directors). We recommend appropriate remedial security steps to prevent future loss of technical or proprietary information.

There are two types of electronic eavesdropping inspections:

  1. Emergency inspections conducted when active eavesdropping is suspected
  2. Active inspections that are conducted to:
    • Protect individual privacy and personal safety
    • Limit windows of vulnerability
    • Satisfy legal requirements for due diligence
    • Establish legal eligibility for business secret status in court
    • Identify emerging privacy invasion and information theft loopholes

It is difficult to estimate how many industries and individuals fall victim to illegal and unwanted surveillance. Evidence of illegal surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, alerting the perpetrator. Many companies are unaware that industrial espionage has affected their business. Eavesdropping and video surveillance may affect several aspects of everyday business success:

  • Labor union disputes with company management
  • New product or trade secrets
  • Protection of trade secrets
  • Negotiation of strategies
  • Competitor’s knowledge of sales strategies
  • Reorganization plans such as mergers or takeovers
  • Corporate legal problems
  • Protection of financial information
  • Industrial spies from other companies and/or countries
  • Employees spying on each other (peeping tom, sexual harassment, stalking)

Generally, best practice for most businesses includes a quarterly inspection. The sensitivity level of the area inspected dictates whether more or fewer inspections are required. A semi-annual inspection schedule is the next most common practice, and an annual inspection is considered minimal for continuity purposes. Off-site meetings and other special events are scheduled on a demand basis.

Intelligence Unit

Highly trained operatives develop intelligence necessary for the safety and continued operation of corporate and residential settings.